Storying Kaitiakitanga


Storying Kaitiakitanga is a 15 month kaupapa Māori project funded by Our Land and Water, which fosters fresh thinking about economic productivity and environmental wellbeing. Storying Kaitiakitanga focuses on one specific outcome of agricultural and horticultural practices – the production and consumption of food. 

This work seeks to tell a Māori Land and Water Food Story centered on the kaupapa of kaitiakitanga. Kaitiakitanga values of guardianship and responsibility can, and do, make a crucial contribution to New Zealand’s agriculture and food sectors. This project shines light on Māori-led food practices, food communities, businesses and enterprises that balance economic, environmental and cultural aims and objectives.

The Māori agricultural and food production sector is a crucial site for developing solutions that are productive economically, while also ensuring that generations to come can enjoy and benefit culturally and ecologically from the resources underpinning agriculture – our lands and waters. This project develops a Kaupapa Māori Land and Water Food Story “all the way down” to the fundamental connection between tangata, whenua and awa, and the kaitiakitanga obligations underpinning these relations.

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