Mauri Whenua Ora


This project is about unlocking the potential of Māori land by advancing new production systems and market opportunities, and translating the learning from this to other regions. 

The greater context for this work sees many kin groups facing unprecedented phases of economic development through Treaty claim settlements and new entrepreneurial ventures. Treaty claims are major issues for Taitokerau land claimants who are on the cusp, or have just reached settlement. But kin communities today are no longer simply ‘local’; they are resident worldwide and are not necessarily attached to, or involved in their lands.

Meaningful developments within the primary sector require us to address these complex social realities and balance them with economic and environmental issues. Māori agribusiness is highly complex and requires collective thinking guided by communities themselves.  An underpinning question facing communities is: what is the right land optimisation for our people now so that they can set in place the right kind of legacy for their descendants? This research is investigating this question through collaborative social and environmental science and community expertise. 

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