Our Land and Water

will deliver new ideas, technologies, systems and behaviours for farmers and primary production enterprises, policymakers and communities. The research will transform the way we use and manage our land and water, through science from a wide range of disciplines (biophysical, social, cultural, economic) taking a systems approach to integrate land and water.

Our Vision

New Zealand is world-renowned for integrated and successful land-based primary production systems, supported by healthy land and water and capable people.


Our Mission

To enhance primary sector production and productivity while maintaining and improving our land and water quality for future generations, we will have delivered on the following aspirational impacts:


The New Zealand primary sector will sustain higher economic growth through participation in global value chains that are generating new products, services and market segments that are aligned with and validated against stakeholder environmental, social and cultural values.


New Zealand land users and regulators have a menu of tested technologies coupled with new innovative land use options and land and water use practices that achieve primary production growth targets within community and regulatory limits.


Individual land and water users, communities, and iwi will have the social processes, data, tools and increased capacity to agree and implement co-developed solutions. These solutions will produce mutual benefits to meet their aspirations and achieve sustainable outcomes by operating within agreed resource limits.


Successful collaboration is at the heart of the Challenge. Only through collaboration will we create a New Zealand environment we can all be proud of. The Challenge involves science, innovators, producers and communities working together.


The Challenge has already engaged with hundreds of stakeholders and organisations that share the Challenge aspirations and they have had input into the direction and relevance of the science. Co-innovation will increase the potential for the Challenge’s research results to be adopted and implemented. Co-innovation in this Challenge means individual land managers, primary production sectors, iwi, communities, policymakers and scientists all working collectively to identify priority issues and create enduring solutions. This approach leverages the considerable experience New Zealand has in collaborative processes as exemplified by the Land and Water Forum.