Next Generation Influencers

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”  - Albert Einstein

Applications for the Next Generation of Influencers
opened in December 2017 and shut in January 2018. The project team received a great response and brilliant applicants, 15 of those applicants are now on the programme.

-          The first NGI workshop was held during the Our Land and Water Symposium dates and was developed to build the skills, networks and connections of NGI participants within the research themes of the Challenge. Next Generation Influencers also did a field-trip to the Wairarapa, weaving hydrological science knowledge of sources and flows together with Iwi and Mātauranga Māori perspectives.

-          The second workshop takes place in Christchurch (June 13-15). This theme for this workshop is innovation. The workshop will feature an innovation marketplace featuring tech and non-tech innovations connected to land and water. This workshop also looks at food innovation in the Canterbury value chain ranging from precision agriculture to community supported agriculture.

-          The third workshop will be in Hawkes Bay (August 20-22), centred on the theme of change. The workshop will focus on design thinking and research from the Collaboration Lab connected by the pōwhiri process. The focus will then shift to planning, idea development and actions the NGI participants can take in the Challenge to bring about understanding and change. Each NGI participant will then be partnered with a mentor who will support participants in further refining and developing their skills and networks developed in the programme.