New Zealand’s future depends on the management of our land and water.
Communities need to work together to balance economic prosperity and caring for our land and water, consistent with the ethic of kaitiakitanga.

Working with local communities is critical to the Our Land and Water Challenge’s success.

It will only succeed if we can balance local community aspirations for their land and water
with our international customers’ demands, and design production systems that meet both needs.

The Challenge parties already work with a wide range of stakeholders and communities
and this is about taking it further. We want to accelerate science for the betterment of our land
and water and the next generation.

Each of the research projects will have a community involvement component, be it public
engagement, outreach, communication or education. We will also collaborate with other Challenges
in public engagement activities as together we address the biggest science-based issues and
opportunities facing New Zealand.


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