Why the Challenge?

Our Land and Water – Toitū te Whenua, Toiora te Wai – National Science Challenge aim is to enhance primary sector production and productivity while maintaining and improving our land and water quality for future generations.

The way we use and manage our land and water will be transformed by: greater value in global markets; innovative resilient land and water use and collaborative capacity. These drivers, along with research to connect them, form the three themes Challenge research will address.

The Māori title is “Toitu te Whenua, Toiora te Wai”. Toitu te Whenua – let the permanence of land remain intact; Toiora te Wai – let water abound. The title is an adaption of the Māori proverb, “toitū te whenua, whatungarongaro te tangata” – land is permanent while people come and go.

The Nexus

Our Land and Water — Key Dates

1 July, 2017

Contestable Funding round projects began

1-29 September, 2017

Call for Proposals - Maori Science and Knowledge Systems

The Our Land and Water, Toitū te Whenua, Toiora te Wai, National Science Challenge is calling for proposals to be submitted by noon 29 September 2017.

The Challenge used its think-piece process to provide an evidence base to address the primary question: “What is the unique contribution that Māori science and knowledge systems can make to the attainment of the challenge mission?”

A workshop was conducted on the 16th of August and with feedback refined some additional research questions that addressed this question and the Challenge objective. These were focused in two areas which are included in the documents at the link below.

Request for Proposal document and template
13 September, 2017

Co-conference to the International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2017: Transdisciplinary Research and Teaching Intercultural endeavours

Location: Landcare Research, 57 Gerald Street, Lincoln
Date: 13th September 2017
Time 12 noon to 8 pm

Transdisciplinarity and co-innovation are central to how the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge works among researchers, industry, Māori, government and NGOs to achieve our Mission. On 13th September there is an opportunity to learn more about research on, and the practice of, transdiciplinarity and co-innovation.

The Collaborative Capacity Theme programmes – The Collaboration Lab and Mauri Whenua Ora – along with the MBIE-funded Primary Innovation programme are running a co-conference to the International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2017 in Germany.

Challenge partners